Our Team

Ananya Kushwaha - A psychoanalytic psychotherapist in practice since 2012; has coordinated community internships for MPhil students at Ambedkar University and has experience of working in the community.

Bharti Jain - A psychoanalyst; has years of experience in conducting workshops. Likes to think on her feet and has a knack of demonstrating complex ideas in a very simple and experiential way.

Javed Ahmed - A development practitioner with years of experience in a variety of community setups in rural and urban settings; has a special interest in psychoanalytic method; asks a lot of important questions and is an in-house critical thinker.

Mahua Chatterjee - A researcher at heart, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist; has experience of researching on socially relevant issues. Loves to design qualitative and creative research designs.