About Us

Zeest-Centre for Psycho-Societal Innovation is a Section 8 company formed formally in October 2020 as an outcome of many many conversations, dreams, disappointments and wishes of several years, converging on understanding the hidden psychological forces at play emerging from the functioning of the human psyche especially in the community settings - individual as well as in groups.

Each of us at Zeest have, through our own trajectories of working and engaging in the community based social work, as well as through our years of practice in the clinic as psychoanalytically trained practitioners, have come to understand the immense importance of understanding, reflecting on and engaging with the various psychological underpinnings of our existence in a community before one begins to plan actions for creating impacts of various kinds at the social level. This is captured in the choice of the name of the organisation - ‘Zeest’ which means the very essence of existence.